Globalnet Communications S.A. Globalnet Communications S.A.
Globalnet Communications S.A. is activating in the sector of information technology and telecommunications. Our target is to design, implement and maintain solutions addressed to enterprises of any size and segment.
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Globalnet Communications S.A.
2, Lakonias str.
17342 Agios Dimitrios
Tel. +30.210.9948790
Fax. +30.210.9948799
Athens, Greece


Why choose Globalnet? Protecting Your Enterprise
Why not ...
... applying products and services to your specific needs?
... taking advantage of your existing infrastructure?
... taking advantage of new technologies?
... having our team always beside you?
... working with experts?
When an employee or partner accesses the corporate network through an extranet, a remote access gateway (VPN) or Microsoft® Windows® desktop, they have effectively opened a door to the corporate network and its data. The security of the network and that of the desktop is only as strong as the method users are authenticated, highlighting the importance of executing this properly. Coupled with industry mandates like the Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirement for protecting sensitive card holder data, organizations are being driven to increase the strength of authentication across a much broader user population than ever before.

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